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This is where you can make contact with me, and of course order C.D.'s.

Fill in and submit the form below and put your address in the Message box if you want me to send you a CD.

OR you could write to me at our current address..
18, Shaa Road, East Acton, London W3.7LN. England.

All CDs cost �10.00 each inc. posting cost in UK
(Add �2 per CD for elsewhere)

BUY ALL SIX CDs for �55.oo inc. any posting costs anywhere !
All profits from Traveller's Tales will go to the Kestrel Trust
(Which has now been taken over by LIFE FOR THE WORLD TRUST
who are part of the ongoing ministry to drug and alcohol abusers)

(See Traveller's Tales Page for details)
For payments  . . .

Either send a � Sterling cheque made out to Richard O'Conor

Or pay by Internet Banking also in � Sterling. 

International Bank Account Number - GB97MIDL40044011664778

Branch Identifier Code - MIDLGB2169C

Sort Code - 40-04-40

Account No - 11664778


What ever you decide thank you for visiting . . . . .

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